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created a thorough and glowing review of the Crutch Caddy!

See what our  customers are saying about Crutch Caddy...

To whom it may concern.


I am a Senior Australian Orthopaedic Consultant currently practising in Ballarat, Victoria.

While working in the past in different continent including Europe, Africa, Asia and currently Australia I obviously saw many patients in m rooms who were dependent on crutches.

It always difficult for my patients to find an easy way to store their crutches comfortably in my rooms while approaching the examination table and at the same time making the crutches easily accessible immediately when they are needed after my examination.

This is why I was most happy for my patients to be given the opportunity to use in my Consulting Room and Plaster Room this simple, sufficient and easily used product know as the 'Crutch Caddy'. 

The 'Crutch Caddy has been available in my roms from the beginning of 2012 and the feedback from my patients on the 'Crutch Caddy' has been extremely positive.

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express appreciation for your invention of the Crutch Caddy.

As I use a walking stick at all time I find the Crutch Caddy very convenient to place my crutch when I am sitting down. In the past I have placed the crutch nearby & on occasions, it has fallen & I find it very difficult to pick up as I lose my balance.  Once I fell breaking a window which could have been quite serious.

Again congratulations on your invention & wish you every success for the future sale.

Yours sincerely - BG

After suffering from 2 broken legs and a knee replacement in the last 5 years I have spent my fair share of time on crutches.

This time around my friend introduced me to the 'Crutch Caddy'.

It's a really great device that keeps my crutches upright and by my side rather than falling over and getting in everyone's way.

Because of the base shape it slides so it can be moved around the room easily.

I take mine with me everywhere I go and would definitely recommend to anyone on crutches.

I had a full hip replacement t the end of March and so was delegated to crutches when I came home.  The crutches nearly drove me crazy as trying to place them nearby when not in use they would slide along and fall, which meant I had to call for assistance to pick them up as I was not allowed to bend or twist for several weeks in case of dislocation of the hip.  But then I was given a CRUTCH CADDY and what a difference it made.

I had it beside my bed and chair and felt independent again. I can thoroughly recommend the CRUTCH CADDY as I am sure it quickened recovery so I was able to take off and exercise whenever I felt like it without calling for help.

Ebay testimonial

We received the Crutch Caddy last Monday - thank you.

As suggested we had to replace the plastic/rubber tips on the existing crutches with one provided so the crutches would fit the Crutch Caddy. The Crutch Caddy works very well and solves the problem we had of crutches having to be left-leaning in a corner while the crutch user had to stagger the remaining 2 meters to her chair or leaning the crutches next to the chair only to have them end up on the floor with the slightest nudge.  The Crutch Caddy now holds the crutches firmly in place right next to her chair. Thank you again.

Testimonial for 'Crutch Stand'.

Beau, thanks for noticing my mum enter the cafe on crutches last week and immediately coming over to our table to offer your product.  Crutches are a nuisance at any time but especially when you're out in public.  There's never anywhere to stand them (until now) and when you lean them against the table or wall they inevitably fall down and become a trip hazard.  Your invention is a great idea and we are very grateful to you for giving it to mum to take home. Thank you.

Executive Assistant.

Running a large restaurant in the CBD is not without its challenges, and one of those is the safe and accessible placement of crutches when disabled customers book in.  They are not only a storage and availability issue for our staff but can also be a tripping hazard as well for both our staff and other customers.

Since we started using the CRUTCH CADDY that problem has been solved. Now the crutches remain in an upright position, right next to the client, and are out of harms way. Our customers love them too, as they are made to feel comfortable, and are not singled out for undue attention.

Dear Beau,

I am writing to congratulate you on the 'Crutch Caddy'. I find it a great resource both at home and at work. It is such a reassurance placing my crutches on the floor. The 'Crutch Caddy' makes life a lot easier.

Good luck. I'm sure your product will be appreciated by many disabled people.


All the best. 

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