$130 Towards a Crutch Caddy for Someone in Need

Each penny of the $130 spent goes towards offering a Crutch Caddy to someone in need. This amount is enough to cover costs for TWO Crutch Caddys! 

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    With the help of Maximize Mobility, anyone can purchase a portion of a Crutch Caddy, a whole Crutch Caddy, or multiple Crutch Caddys for those in need. $65 will place a Crutch Caddy in someone’s hands, but the Maximize Mobility accepts purchases as low as $10.

    By spending $10 to $64.99 USD, you will earn a premium small ‘Maximize Mobility with Crutch Caddy’ sticker. By spending $65 to $194.99, you will earn a premium large ‘Maximize Mobility with Crutch Caddy’ sticker. If you spend $195 or more, you will receive both stickers alongside a limited edition t-shirt.




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USA Patent: 9675145

Crutch Caddy

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