Crutch Caddy is determined to help the world to stay active, so we created the Maximize Mobility program. Through Maximize Mobility, Crutch Caddys get to those in need; we hope to aid people in adapting to their environment and feeling a sense of freedom, all while remaining comfortable. 

With the help of Maximize Mobility, anyone can purchase a portion of a Crutch Caddy, a whole Crutch Caddy, or multiple Crutch Caddys for those in need. Our program reaches out to veterans, amputees, adaptive athletes, zebras, those who are paralyzed, with recent orthopedic surgery, CRPS, and more.

$65 will place a Crutch Caddy in someone’s hands, but the Maximize Mobility program accepts purchases as low as $10.

By spending $10 to $64.99 USD, you will receive a FREE premium small ‘Crutch Caddy’ sticker. By spending $65 to $194.99, you will receive a FREE premium large ‘Crutch Caddy’ sticker. If you spend $195 or more, you will receive both stickers alongside a limited edition t-shirt, FREE!

crutch caddy fourth of July campaign
From July 4th to November 12, Crutch Caddy is running a campaign with the Maximize Mobility Program where all Crutch Caddys purchased through the program will be going to Veterans.