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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crutch Caddy warranty?


Actinnovation Pty. Ltd. offers a 1-year conditional warranty against faults in materials and manufacturing.

  1. Provide a copy of receipt of purchase

  2. Contact Actinnovation Pty. Ltd. at or email at Include “Warranty” in the message.

Does the warranty cover Crutch Caddy crutch tips?


No, it doesn’t. A new pair of tips may be purchased at


Is the Crutch Caddy compatible with all crutches?


Crutch Caddy is compatible with most crutches whose diameters are measured at the standard of 43 mm. Each Crutch Caddy includes a pair of rubber crutch tips that fit perfectly into the crutch holder.


How can I cancel my online order? 


Contact the Crutch Caddy team at within 24 hours of your order with details of your cancellation request.


Do you ship internationally?


For now, we only ship to the United States. Check out our Australian team at:


Is there a special discount for veterans? 


If you or someone you know is a veteran that needs assistance obtaining a Crutch Caddy, please email us at In the meantime, check out our Maximize Mobility program, where anyone can help a veteran obtain a Crutch Caddy. Click HERE for more info or visit


Can I use international credit cards?


Yes. We accept any form of payment that Wix Stores accepts.


What is your return policy and process?


Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges Policy at


Are crutch tips included with my Crutch Caddy?



Can I buy only the crutch tips? 


Yes, Tips are available at Need a bulk order? Contact the Crutch Caddy team at


What would I do if I never received my order?


Contact us with details of your order at


How long does it take to receive and to ship CC? 


Depending on your location, the day of the week, and any upcoming holidays, the Crutch Caddy should make it to you in 3 to 10 business days. 


How long does it take to process a refund?


Once a refund request has been approved, the funds will be processed within 20 business days. All funds will return to the original form of payment.

Do I have to pay for returning shipping?


Yes, please refer to the Returns & Exchanges Policy at


Do I need a box and receipt when I return it? And what if I break a box or lose a receipt?


Yes, please ship the Crutch Caddy back in its original packaging. Yes, please include as much information about your order as possible. For more info, please refer to the Returns & Exchange Policy 


Does Crutch Caddy offer gift wrapping?


Yes! Look for our product labelled “Gift Wrapping” and add it to your shopping cart before purchase.


How do I clean Crutch Caddy?


Use a combination of mild detergent and warm water on a clean cloth. Make sure Crutch Caddy is completely dry before resuming use.

Keep holding-arm slots clean of dust, dirt, and lint. 


What if I or someone I know cannot afford a Crutch Caddy?


Check out Crutch Caddy’s Maximize Mobility Program. Read more at On that page, there is information regarding helping others or receiving help, too! 


Where can I leave a review for Crutch Caddy?


You can leave any feedback on our store at, email us at, or at

How do I make a bulk order? Will I receive any discount?

High volume discounts are available upon request. Please send a message over to with more information regarding your request.

If any questions have gone unanswered, please send us your inquiry at

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